The vagcom Platform is just a stage Making a diagnosis of these problems a car is introducing, and this lets be efficient in the adjustment and adaptation of the electronic systems of the Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen cars and trucks.

With this You Are Able to create Queries and erase the memory of these failures of the controller units, also you’re able to accommodate new components into your automobile, for example as brand new components of the electronic immobilizer or engine controller, fresh keys, and install new air bag if they are triggered as a consequence of an accidentand adjust the ceremony period sensor to get checksand also the Butter-Fly controller box, and among some others.

This system includes That the Vag Com cable which via it the transmission of data by your automobile to the PC of the different electronic systems is achieved, for example revolutions per minute of this motor, its temperature, fluid pressures, and also a endless extra worth of all vehicle procedures.

The variety of Functions that are scanned is based on the digital devices of autos , the modern they are, the more electronic functions they will have. The vag-com platform includes most of the purposes of their official program testers of Audi, Seat, Skoda and Wolkswagen and also has additional functions such as recording of info output, partitioning of key codes, real-time graphics and a synchronizer for lodging within this beginning of injection of TDI engines.

But unfortunately most Of those vag com cables sold on the web aren’t the best, they are imitations of rather bad quality and do not assure trustworthy vehicle information. This is for two potential causes: both the Vcds auto diagnostic software is damaged, and also the firmware is obsolete.

For This Reason, It can be Wise to purchase in licensed internet sites and with a rather good standing as They offer the Premium vag com 20 20 kit that works similarly to your initial. The kit is fully guaranteed or your cash again.

The kit gets the Unique Roos-teh ™ VCDS 12.12.0 applications, with which it is possible to fully diagnose And modify the car. Save Yourself some time, Energy and cash using the most developed and also finish Diagnostic scanner, both encoder and component modifier tool in the world. Enter the website and receive Extra Info and Price.